White Powder on Brick

Acid Burns on Brick

Rust on Brick

Tar on Brick

Paint on Brick

Mold/Mildew on Brick

Green/Brown Colored Stains


White Stains and Flakes on Pavers

Lime Run

Vines on Brick

Egg Stains on Brick

Water Stains on Brick

Copper Stain on Brick

Copper Stain on Cast Stone

 Moisture Line

Staining Bricks

Cement Smears on Cast Stone

Mortar Smears on Brick

Mortar Color Variation


Holes in Mortar

Pressure Washer Damage to Brick

Chimney Leaks

Repairing Holes in Brick

Matching Brick on additions to original structure.

Mold and Mildew on Used Effect Brick

Used Effect Brick Coating

 White Spots on Brick

Graffiti on Brick

 Soft Mud Molded Brick


Cracks in Brick Face

Coated Concrete Brick

 Muratic Acid and Wire Brush

Brick Laid Backward 

 Dirty White Brick

Improper Cleaning

Removing Water Repellent

Concrete on Brick
White Film on Brick
Cleaning White Brick
"Marble" Brick
Dirty "Marble" Brick
Discolored Sidewalk Brick
White Scum on Brick  

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